clear creek church wheatridge colorado

NOVEMBER 9th at 3pm


Chili Cook-off Guidelines


· Register below before the event on November 9th at 3pm!

· All chili is to be prepared and ready to eat an hour before guests are due to arrive.

· Once judging starts, late entries will not be permitted. Judging will begin promptly.

· The name of your chili must be posted with your chili as well as its hotness (i.e. mild, medium, hot, super hot). 

· Keep the name of your chili a secret until after all judging is completed.  Making your chili name known is an automatic disqualification. Feel free to be creative with your name sign as long as it does not give your identity away.

· Judging will be by a panel. Panel judges will remain a secret until it is time for them to judge.

· Prizes to follow! Join us at the block party for fun and games!